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As an Electrical & Computer Engineering PhD student at UC San Diego, I use computer vision & artificial intelligence to create systems for effective, safe, and ethical human use. The research topics I am interested in are Computer Vision, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Human-Robot / Human-Computer Interaction. My research focuses on improving deep learning models by defining new metrics and feature representations. I use my research to predict vehicle trajectories in real-world driving scenarios, estimate driver state, and understand human gaze. I work on projects with Professor Mohan Trivedi's Laboratory for Intelligent & Safe Vehicles (LISA) and Professor Shlomo Dubnov's Center for Research in Entertainment & Learning (CREL). I am advised by Professor Mohan Trivedi.

My primary research work aims to make driving intelligent and safer (for both pedestrians and vehicle occupants) through computer vision and artificial intelligence. Our lab emphasizes a LILO (looking inside, looking outside) approach to holistic safety. Accordingly, part of my research involves sensors outside of the cabin perceiving the surround in order to accurately estimate vehicle and pedestrian trajectories, where I have contributed new metrics and loss functions to improve state-of-the-art multimodal trajectory prediction models. The other part of my research involves understanding driver awareness and intent by analyzing in-cabin behavior using a fusion of sensors and cues.

In the process of developing safer models for intelligent vehicles, my interests in HRI/HCI and vision have inspired my research developments in gaze and attention modeling and tracking in domains outside of automobiles. This includes virtual classrooms, teleconferences, and musicians' environments. My work seeks to better perceive & present nonverbal human communication, in the form of eye gaze and directed gesture; two immediate problems driving my work are gaze prediction and gaze correction using deep learning.

I love to create music, and I feel lucky to combine two of my passions in part of my research & teaching. Outside of my academic work, I advise the Symphonic Student Association, and field direct & write music for the University of California Marching Band.


PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering. UC San Diego, in progress.

MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering. UC San Diego, 2018.

BS in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. UC Berkeley, 2015.

BS in Engineering Physics. UC Berkeley, 2015.

BA in Music. UC Berkeley, 2015.



  • Greer, Deo, and Trivedi. Trajectory Prediction in Autonomous Driving with a Lane Heading Auxiliary Loss. IEEE Robotics & Automation Letters, 2021.

  • Greer and Dubnov. Restoring Eye Contact to the Virtual Classroom with Machine Learning. 13th International Conference on Computer Supported Education, 2021.*

  • Rangesh, Deo, Greer, Gunaratne, and Trivedi. Autonomous Vehicles that Alert Humans to Take-Over Controls: Modeling with Real-World Data. 24th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation, 2021.

*Work supported by University of California Office of the President Innovative Learning Technology Initiative Grant.


Teaching Assistant

Summer 2021 - UCSD CSE 190 "Machine Learning for Music & Audio"

Summer 2021 - UCSD COSMOS "Music & Technology"

Spring 2021 - UCSD ECE 285 "Autonomous Vehicles"

Winter 2021 - UCSD ECE 172A "Intelligent Systems"

Fall 2020 - UCSD CSE 253 "Digital Image Processing"

Summer 2020 - UCSD CSE 190 "Machine Learning for Music & Audio"

Invited Presentations, & Guest Lectures

Winter 2021 - University of California Education Innovation Expo, "Restoring Nonverbal Communication to the Virtual Classroom with Machine Learning"

Winter 2021 - UCSD ECE 253, "Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks"

Winter 2021 - Southwestern College, "A.I.xMusic : Telematic Soundpainting"

Fall 2020 - UCSD Symphonic Student Association, "A.I.xMusic"

Fall 2020 - UCSD ECE 253, "Convolutional Neural Networks for Semantic Segmentation"

Summer 2020 - UCSD CSE 190, "Introduction to Neural Networks"

Spring 2020 - UC San Diego Symphonic Student Association, "Exploring Emotive Harmony"

Fall 2019 - UC San Diego Chamber Orchestra

Fall 2018 - UC Berkeley Wind Ensemble

Teaching & Tutoring Services

If you would like to hire me as a teacher or tutor (individual, group, or class), please email me at


My poster for Trajectory Prediction with a Novel Lane-Heading Auxiliary Loss won a Best Poster Award at the 2021 Jacobs Research Expo. Thank you Nachiket & Professor Trivedi for your guidance! Press Release


My work with Professor Shlomo Dubnov in restoring nonverbal communication to virtual classrooms was featured in NewScientist magazine.

Pianist Tiffany Poon interviewed me for an episode of Together With Classical, where we discussed the intersection of A.I. & Music.



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